Top 15+ Best Free Shopify Themes 2017

It becomes now more and more popular to start up an online business in our modern hi-tech progress world and the desire of building a professional eCommerce website or an available online store is getting much more essential than ever. Hundreds of thousands webmasters come to Shopify theme store – which is known as premium platform online sale place- to look for the best theme for their online business project and it is evident that not all of them can find out the exact one to their satisfaction at a reasonable price, especially in limited period of time. Understanding this troublesome issue, we will provide you, in this blog, with List of Top 15+ Best Free Shopify Themes 2017 available in Shopify theme store so that you’ll no longer need to put neither such much effort nor a penny into this primary task.  All themes in this list are free and contain plethora of powerful necessary features that allow you to set up and manage your website effectively in the simplest way. Let’s countdown for the best free themes ever!

1. Boundless

boundless shopify theme

Boundless is the first Shopify theme that we want to recommend you as it possesses all qualities that a good candidate required to have. The theme is outstanding with 2 available excellent styles that can be chosen for best fit sorts of your products: a modern, elegant but minimal Black & White style, as its name suggests, oriented for fashion related items and the other dynamic and vigorous Vibrant style targeted sport related products. Nevertheless, both are privileged for photograph showcase, which is a so intuitive and most convincing way to immediately successfully gain the interest of customer. Besides, Boundless is officially supported by Shopify with various wonderful  unique features that can be listed as Sticky navigation, Slideshow with fading effect, Optimized for large images, etc… as well as some basic features such as Mobile-friendly design, Search engine optimization, Social media icons, Drop-down navigation support that contribute to help your business go far more smoothly. Thanks to the powerful features and marvelous design above, Boundless is highly rated and applied widely for a great number of online stores.


2. Brooklyn

brooklyn theme

Brooklyn is another extremely responsive and highly flexible, stylish and modern Shopify theme that can perfectly meet your need of  building a professional impressive eCommerce site. Although it is aimed for apparel business at first, you can totally change all the elements from the header to footer at your taste to best suit your merchandises. Salient features include a mobile fully responsive design with high resolution, unique typography, dynamic product grid, and even SEO friendly. This awesome theme is strongly believed to bring you the best experience in your business project.


3. Janus


Janus Shopify Theme is a super flexible and responsive Shopify Template suitable for Shoes Shop, Aerobic Shoes, Sport Shoes, Durango Boot,. The theme is designed and built up with up-to-date modern technologies and new style helping customers to display products professionally. Janus is tested fully responsive optimization to make your store look nice and perform well in all devices. The powerful Shopify Template allows you to customize your store with Live Theme Editor in real time based on pre-defined parameters.

In addition, Janus Shopify Theme supports diverse menu system with Megamenu and Mobile menu to help you create friendly navigation for your store. The SEO optimization with: rich snippets, clean and well structured code base, CSS + JS compression makes your site friendly with search engines. It is salient with some key features such as Product List, Product Details, Add to cart, Check out, Grid View & List View, Beautiful Banners, Product Hover & Quick View, Intuitive Blog Page…


4. Simple

simple shopify theme

Simple, as the name suggests, is a minimal but professional excellent design template that is ready for free instant download from Shopify store. This awesome theme provides 2 styles included: Light and Beauty. Each has its own strength, and can work really well with various niches, with hardly any limitation.  Simple is thoroughly optimized to look great in any electronic devices from computers with large size screen to other smaller size like Android Tablets, Iphone, Ipad and other mobile phones. Thank to its feature of product image zoom, customers can have a closer look and extra product detail  when they hover over an image. Besides, the Related products function allows to display products from the same collection on your product pages so customers can continue shopping.


5. Pop


Pop comes to sight with simple but unique style that can deal with kinds of small products niche, especially for beauty store. Shopify supports the theme with 2 different styles which are Bone and Toy respectively. Pop can be so boundlessly pliable that you can change the layout of the homepage with various options. The theme is highly appreciated by its such eye-catching design, ease to use and SEO friendly. Pop is expected to work best for beauty shop as well as toy store.


6. Sodiss

sodiss shopify theme

Sodiss Shopify Theme is an extremely responsive Shopify Template for Fashion, Womenswear, Menswear, Clothes, Accessories, Watches, Glasses… The template is developed with modern new web technology: Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, CSS3, HTML5. It supports multiple header styles, theme colors and flexible layout system will help to create any online business website. The administration panel includes a lot of options for store management and customization. Besides, you will be impressed by some core features Sodiss Shopify Theme brings including Product List, Product Details, Product Hover & Quick View, Add to cart, Check out, SEO Optimization, Ease of Customization…Especially this theme is well optimized for images and CSS and JS to improve your site performance. The Quickstart package and multiple sample data packages allows you to build any online business website just in minutes.


7. Venture

If you are planing to sell winter sport, outdoor adventure or boxing related items, then Venture will be the most appropriate Shopify theme for your store.  The first thing that catches our eyes at fisrt glance is a huge impressive slideshow directly on the front-page which brings a professional and trustworthy feeling. As there are up to 3 choices of style, Venture seems to be flexible enough to fit large quantities of products. When it comes to features included, the theme is extremely outstanding with useful Megamenu, updating Product filtering and  noticeable Promotional banner that make the customers find it much more easily to follow up and make a purchase decision. Believe us! Just give it a try and Venture won’t disapoint you!


8. Debut


The next awesome free Shopify theme we want to introduce to you is called with a very simple name: Debut. The theme is so well designed that it can satisfy almost all of the customer at first sight. Stylish, exclusive, up-to-date with a typical vintage trend, the theme is perfectly in accordance with leather related business. Besides, Debut is fully responsive and it can display identically excellently in any kind of electronic devices. Futhermore, you can also tell your own story, about yourself and your products, or anything else in sparkling maner thanks to the feature of Slideshow with video. Debut provides you another effective marketing method that can promote your products by sharing your customers’ comments and quotes with Customer testimonials.


 9. Fitshop


Fitshop Shopify Theme is a rapidly responsive Shopify Template specilaizing in Fashion, High Fashion, Womenswear, Menswear, Clothes, etc…related businesst. The theme is developed with new web technology: Font Awesome 4, CSS3, HTML5 and full of essential features and functions for you to set up a business store. Fitshop‘s outstanding features include Product List, Product Details, Quick View, Add to cart, Check out, Grid & List View, SEO Optimization. The Shopify theme is totally customizable with the Theme Customizer tool that let you change settings for most of the pages, sections, color, header, footer.. in the site based on predefined parameters.


 10. Supply

Supply is an excellent theme that is suitable for many kinds of merchandises. This theme’s remarkable characteristic is its user friendly navigation design which allows the customers to switch from one category to another seamlessly, with things like related products, best selling products and other product categories exposed to the visitor constantly. The theme has an extremely enormous capacity, as the name suggests, so you can post numerous items on your homepage and provide more choices for the customers. Its 2 styles availably attached can help diversify your sites. Though Supply is best fit digital/electronic store with Blue style as well as watch/luxury items with the Light one, it can easily adapt itself to many other products.


11. Extreme Sport

Extreme sport shopify theme

Extreme Sport is a clean and minimal, modular and  highly flexible amazingly customizable Shopify Theme specially designed for Sporting Clubs, Community Centres and Social and Special Interest Clubs. This theme is designed to work, and look great, on iPhone’s, iPads, desktop and laptop computers. Try resizing your browser window to see how the design responds to the various sizes. This theme is packed with some features that make it easy for anyone to customize the look and feel of their store. No coding skills needed, Sport made everything flexible. Extreme Sport has enough features and essential functions to create a sport website such as Wish List, Product List, Product Details, Product Hover & Quick View, Grid View & List View, Block-Color, Add to cart, Check out, SEO Optimization…


12. Minimal

minimal shopify theme

Minimal is an amazingly responsive, good-looking and widely used Shopify theme with various style designs that each has its own exclusive taste. We firstly talk about Vintage, specially designed for products ranging from vintage artworks to vintage clothes but still flexible enough to work great with other kinds of products. Many people use this template to sell skin care, camera, fashion item and much more. Fashion and Music are also designs of high quality chosen by a great number of users. The Mininal theme has a such must be listed crucial featured that it offers tons of customization options to build your own unique site with all particular elements.


13. Jumpstart

jumpstart shopify theme

Jumpstart is an awesome theme that can be sure to satisfy anyone who use it to build an eCommerce website in general and a crowdfunding campaign site in particular. A great landing page, customizable with ease, rapidly responsive layout, user friendly are all of Jump‘s advantages.  Home page video integration allows people to know more about you, your team, and your products, therefore, they can make decision to support you far more swiftly and easily. Shopify assure that anyone, even those doesn’t have a concept of programming , is totally able to use this to build their own website for the first time without effort.


14. Fasony


Fasony Responsive Shopify Theme is an elegant and amazing design – perfect for selling clothing, fashion, high fashion, men fashion, women fashion, cookery, accessories, watches, jewelries, shoes, bags, glasses …..It is thoroughly designed and tested to be 100% responsive so as to work & display flawlessly on all types of devices from computer to mobile phone. You and your customers can view your website wherever and whenever. Beautiful slide show together creative design style make your images, products more colorful and awesome in customer’s eyes. It also has enough essential features and functions for your business store including Megamenu, Product List, Product Details, Wish List, Add to cart, Check out, SEO Optimization, Product Hover & Quickview, Ease of Customization…


15. Simple Store


Simple Store Shopify Theme – an awesome ideal design to build up a professional website for Fashion, Clothing, Accessories, Handbags & Wallets, Shoes & Sandals, Jewelries & Watches, etc. Simple Store provides you with enough essential features and high advanced functions to set up a professional store like Product List, Product Details, Quick View Product, Add to Cart, Check Out, Powerful Search & Filter, Beautiful Product Categories, Awesome SlideShow, Ease of Customization, etc.  Besides you can adjust the theme with various options thanks to its amazing customization that make you sell your products effectively and uniquely.


To conclude, the themes above are 15+ Best Free Shopify Theme 2017. If you are planning to build a online shop on your own, please visit them and follow. If you have any wonders need advices, please send us email via our support email: Any support request will be replied within 24 hours. Besides we have Custom Services. We can design, develop, set up, customize or develop Shopify Theme based on the requirements. If you need any helps or customs, don’t hesitate, please share with us!

Besides we also have Custom Services and Membership Packages. If you have time, pls visit them and experience!


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