According to the latest news, Godaddy has just published an announcement “GoDaddy accept expired domains from Host Europe Group”. In deed, with $ 1.79 billion, GoDaddy owns four domain registrars under the management of Host Europe Group:, Heart Internet, Domain Factory and

GoDaddy Auctions Pricing – The Things We need to know

As such expired domains are registered in these four vendors, which of course will become expired domains in GoDaddy and will be put to auction, handled on the GoDaddy Auctions platform.

One of the benefits of buying an expired domain on GoDaddy is that all of those domains will be redirected to your GoDaddy account instead of being managed by other vendors.

From now on, when the Whois domain expired, please note the four names above to know that on the GoDaddy Auction auction offline.

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