GoDaddy is having promotion reducing the price of Managed WordPress hosting packages to just $ 12 a year, especially if you get a free .COM / .CO /. NET / .ORG / .XYZ or .CLUB package.
WordPress Hosting is a specially optimized hosting package for WordPress, from server configuration, file / folder permissions, firewalls, anti-DDoS … to keep your website running at its best. In particular, GoDaddy uses Varnish Cache technology to speed up the loading website a lot.


Because of the simple installation, just a few clicks to have a website sales / product introduction or professional blog with their own domain name so the package WordPress Managed Hosting is especially suitable for those  not have much Technical knowledge, new learners using WordPress. In addition, each package will have a good IP for SEO so it is very suitable for you to deploy satellite site system, making MMO fast.

The total amount you have to pay is $ 12, which will get:

  • 1 year using BASIC WordPress Hosting package
  • 1 domain .COM / .CO /. NET / .ORG / .XYZ or .CLUB free of charge
  • One year the Microsoft Office 365 service creates email at its own domain.

Please copy and use this coupon below the payment: cjcwph1

– The program does not limit the number of registrations. All new or old accounts are all registered.
– The promised WordPress hosting package is a BASIC package for a website, 10 GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth.
– You have to buy 1 year or more to get Free Domain.
– You must add domain at checkout to get Free.
– After buying the hosting is done to install the main domain. The primary domain can be changed at any time.
– The price of next year hosting is $ 7.99 per month. Domain names are more than $ 10 / year.
– You can reset WordPress at any time, after the IP reset will be changed.

Please take time and read carefully the above information!

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